We are a competitive flyball club, and train for both BFA and Kennel Club flyball. We currently train at Horseley Fen Farm, near Chatteris every Thursday evening from 7:15pm. We have different classes for the varying level of dog, with training being tailored to each dog as much as possible. During the winter we train indoors in a purposely matted barn, and in summer we train outdoors on grass whenever possible so the dogs train on the same surface as they will be competiting most of the time.

Indoor training venue Indoor training venue Outdoor training

Beginners Training

Dogs are able to start training with us from approx. 12 months of age, but this is, of course, dependant on the breed. All dogs must be fully vaccinated, and all handlers muct be a club member. Beginner dogs do a lot of repetivie work on being rewarded to go back to their handlers as fast as possible. We train the jumps work and the box work seperatley for at least the first 6 weeks, and then slowly bring the two together as the dogs build in confidence. Alongside box and jump work, we concentrate a lot on teamwork, teaching the dogs to accept other dogs in close proximity, building towards doing crossovers. Once the beginner dogs are able to run from the handler, get a ball from (or near from) the box and return to their handler, we urge the handlers to try taking their dogs to a starters tournament. Here the dogs learn about the competitive environment, the handlers learn how the lights and rules work in competitive flyball and a day of racing in a team tends to build good interatctions within the team, both in the handlers and the dogs.

Team Training

Once dogs are ready to enter open tournament they will move from the beginners classes into the team training classes. Here we work a lot more on teamwork, fitting new dogs into teams where they will be comfortable racing, lots more box work, training with both the chute and our competitve boxes, and finally a lot of work on stamina, crossovers and speed. To this end, we regularly time the dogs individually with competition-standard timing equipment, and once a month we have a race night, where we try to emuluate a tournament environment with two teams racing each other and lights to signal both early crossovers and to countdown the start of a race. Training tends to finish early on race nights and is promptly followed by a trip to the local pub to allow the handlers to socialise away from training. Any club member is welcome to come socialising, and the more the merrier!